Assembly systems

We deliver assembly systems to suit your needs

We have the broadest offering in the industry for both standardized and customized assembly systems. As a specialist and professional partner, we meet your challenges with innovative and individually adapted solutions – everything from complete assembly lines to smaller-scale special solutions for specific products.

Our wide-ranging product portfolio contains almost everything you can think of in the way of technology, such as (for example) control systems, servo systems, hydraulics, vision, transport systems and robotics. In combination with our extensive experience and our dedication, we offer not only security but also high levels of flexibility and the potential for future expansion.

Assembly lines for high volume and quality

We have the components and the skills to be able to tailor complete assembly facilities to meet your needs – everything from manual to fully automated lines or cells.

Our team of experienced specialists builds assembly lines in flexible and efficient modular systems. This means that we deliver the best possible individual solutions which also provide a firm foundation for the customer to make a future-proof investment.

Efficient production flows are created with well-planned layouts and a focus on the automation of that which is most important first, as well as the creation of the conditions to allow for future expansion as and when the need arises.

Controlling the flow of a transport system, and having full control over what is assembled on the product, makes it possible to have production with a high volume even when producing several different products in the same flow.


Special-purpose machinery because the challenges you face are unique

Every customer has unique challenges and unique products, which means that essentially everything we do is customized. Building upon the foundation of our long and extensive experience of various different industries and problems, we are able – in a professional manner and in collaboration with you – to develop special-purpose machines and special components that are customized for the needs of your business.


Modular systems create simplicity and efficiency

In partnership with us, you can expect systems that create simplicity, security and efficiency. Thanks to our extensive skills base and specialist knowledge, we build assembly systems in specially customized modules. This facilitates not only transportation, construction and installation, but also any future redevelopment or relocation.

Our innovative modular systems for assembly lines have the potential to revolutionize the manufacturing industry and provide you – the customer – with a very fast deployment. We also provide software that ensures that the factory’s ERP system reaches all the way to the operators working with production.

Our modular systems create a number of advantages, not least of which is the ability to quickly rebuild or relocate production lines or specific functions in order to ensure flexible production without extensive reconstruction work.