Control cabinets

Control cabinets with short lead times and high quality

We construct, program and assemble complete control cabinets, both for project deliveries and for our customers’ automation equipment. Our experienced engineers are able to produce the optimal control cabinet for your business, in combination with a modern and efficient production system. Directly linking the machinery to our development program ensures short lead times and the highest quality.


Switchboards of the highest quality

Our high-quality, customized switchboards safely supply electricity to ensure the security of your operations. Working closely together with our customers, our experts design and manufacture flexible service, distribution and process switchboards within all applicable voltage ranges.

Naturally, we work using well-established brands and are an accredited constructor of CUBIC switchboards. We have extensive and well-documented knowledge of international standards, type tests and practical switchboard construction.

For delivery to the North American market, we are also certified in accordance with UL International.


Bespoke production tailored to your needs

Our skilled employees are specialists in manufacturing products to order in accordance with your needs and wishes. By combining efficient production flows with continual improvement efforts, the finished product will be modern, efficient and of the highest quality. Our machine equipment for stamping and marking-equipment is directly linked to our development program in order to shorten lead times and minimize manual handling.

If you need help in developing or improving constructions, this is also something we perform – not only with regard to control cabinets but also switchboards, control panels, start and control equipment, and more.