Quality and the environment

Quality and the environment


Quality systems

AH Automation’s systematic quality-assurance work means that we continually work to guarantee and improve our internal processes. Our goal is to exceed your expectations for solutions and deliveries.

One of the effects of our ISO certification is that our products and services are always made and conducted with the appropriate specialist expertise at every stage, both in-house and in subordinate stages. We work together in an efficient and structured manner and always for the benefit of our customers, our employees and all other stakeholders. It goes without saying that we also comply with all the requirements demanded of us by various government agencies.

The business benefits and high level of quality that we offer you shall be a decisive reason for you to want to create a long-term business relationship and to also return as a buyer for future projects.

Environmental systems

AH Automation’s environmental objective is, by working systematically in cooperation with our suppliers, to have the lowest possible impact upon the environment. This is a goal we can achieve by complying with all environmental legislation, by actively working towards a more efficient use of materials and energy including the development of our waste management, and by minimizing risks caused by emissions and pollution. We are transparent in providing information about our environmental work concerning both you as a customer and the wider public, as well as conducting the ongoing training of all employees.

We are ISO certified according to ISO 9001 for our quality-assurance work and ISO 14001 for our environmental work. Subsequent to audits, our certificates have been continually approved and renewed since the 1990s. This constitutes clear evidence of our professional, dedicated and sustained work to develop and maintain concrete and well-established quality and environmental standards over time. This is something of which we are very proud.

AH Automation ISO 9001/14001 Certificate of Approval

The professionally designed environmental management system with which we work – and work to continually improve and develop – means that, besides having the least possible impact on the environment, we also have the strong and enhanced confidence of our customers. This, in turn, creates a basis for increased competitiveness.