Feasibility studies to improve quality

Would you like to increase the quality of a product, increase productivity or reduce waste? As part of a variety of commissions, AH Automation works together with customers to conduct feasibility studies with the aim of increasing the quality in a range of different areas. Naturally, our consultants are available to help develop completely new concepts and ways of working. In the feasibility studies, we work together to formulate the purpose, objective, implementation schedule and the desired results.


Vision services for high quality and precision

We have developed a number of flexible vision services to enable you to achieve accurate quality control. The services consist of advanced cameras which work together with the software in order to inspect, count, measure and compare products for precise tracking. This technology provides you with immediate feedback and optimal control of your production to ensure the highest and most precise quality.

The method for identifying and checking objects is considerably more accurate than manual inspection. We are at the forefront when it comes to experience and technology, and we adapt the vision system to meet your preferences and needs. In our high-tech vision laboratory, we are able to conduct preliminary tests in order to identify what is optimal in each specific customer case.