Complements to your production

Do you need to complement or rebuild? Engage our experienced service team to customize a machine or production line to accommodate new products or variants of existing products. We accept all kinds of commission, from small to large and all the way through the processes of design, assembly, programming and deployment.


Simulation and optimization for increased productivity

Would you like to ensure that your facility is being used to its highest possible capacity? Our experienced technicians can optimize your processes and make sure that problem areas are eliminated, ensuring that your investment generates the highest possible returns. Sometimes this can be achieved with simple measures, sometimes it requires a little more. We analyze the process, submit proposals for action, implement the changes, and then perform follow-ups to ensure that the capacity really has been maximized.


Relocation with comprehensive responsibility

Do you want to move a machine, or perhaps an entire facility? AH Automation has extensive and solid experience of relocation commissions, and we have moved a number of facilities within Europe. We assume comprehensive responsibility for the move, regardless of whether it is within the same building, to another part of the country, or abroad. Whether large or small in scale, we deliver a turnkey relocation.