Robotic systems

Cost-effective robotic systems

AH Automation produces high-tech cost-effective robotic systems – either as complete or partial deliveries that can be integrated into your existing production system. We offer a wide range of industrial robots and work together as a systems partner with established manufacturers on the market, including KUKA and ABB.

Our skilled programmers have extensive specialist knowledge and can, therefore, work together with you – the customer – in order to optimize the robotic system entirely according to your wishes. As you’d expect, we use the most advanced development tools and 3D-modeling programs on the market. This enables us to effectively simulate and optimize the robot cell as early as in the planning phase in order to generate the greatest possible benefit for your business.


Robotic assembly increases quality

Our innovative robot systems can be developed entirely according to your needs and can assemble many different products – anything from water valves to fuel tanks and gearboxes.

There are several benefits of using robots for assembly. It is both efficient and increases the quality of the product. Because the speed can be maintained at a constant and high level without interruption, the assembly process is both fast and efficient while also reducing labor costs. When you assemble using a robot, the materials to be assembled must be of a high and consistent quality if the robot’s repetitive actions are to be able to work on a continual basis. This automatically results in an increase of the product’s quality.

Risk minimization with machine tending

Certain heavy, monotonous and – in some cases – potentially hazardous work duties are particularly well-suited to be performed by robots instead of being processed manually by people. It can be especially appropriate for a robot to perform material handling and machine tending, such as (for example) the loading of processing machinery or the movement of materials in assembly cells.

We perform customized installations suited to your business, complete with robot, gripping device and CE marking for a variety of different applications.

We also have a wide range of standard products for machine tending.

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Simulation in order to optimize the flows for packing & palletizing

When you pack or palletize products using a robot, there are many benefits, including increased productivity and cost-efficiency. Because our multi-axled articulated robots are so flexible, they can also be easily adapted to meet new conditions within your business in the future.

When designing your robot installation, we use our simulation tools KUKASim and ABB’s RobotStudio. The simulation of the robot’s working area is crucial to the optimal positioning of the robot and production paths, as well as for planning the interaction with other machines in order to be able to achieve maximum reliability and performance.

We also have standard products for unpalletizing.

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