Vision & software

Vision & software


Vision technology for more efficient production flows

Vision technology is a high-tech system that is used in order to be able to control, check and inspect the processes and quality within all forms of industrial automation. The advanced camera system takes pictures in either 2D or 3D of one (or several) objects in your robotic, assembly or palletizing system, and the results are then analyzed by digitalized software.

The integration of vision technology into your system opens up new opportunities – such as, for example, the optimization of the picking and sorting of products on conveyors or pallets. Vision technology is also used for the measurement of a product’s size and shape for identification and verification. Secure tracking solutions can also be created using stations, both for In-Line and End-of-Line. The vision system can read OCR/OCV, barcodes and data matrices.


MES systems for the optimization of production

If you wish to optimize your production and stock levels, a Manufacturing Execution System (MES) is the perfect solution. This is a web-based interface that links your business system with your production, providing you with a complete overview with optimal control and planning as a result.

We have developed our own MES software, which we call Concept for intelligent Production (C4iP). When C4iP transfers the production plans directly from your business system to your production system, your management of order-controlled manufacturing becomes simplified, making it more rational and more dynamic. The main advantages are faster flows, shorter lead times, assured quality control and reduced stock levels. Regardless of whether it’s a question of single-unit production or a long series, our programming specialists have ensured the optimal utilization of machines and systems. We have also built the functionality for reporting, monitoring and tracking into C4iP.

You do not need any special licenses or installations as the interface is entirely web-based.

There are two options for C4iP:

The routing option provides you with the ability to have different flows through production from day to day, enabling you to balance production according to variations in volumes and products.

The Replenishment Tool (RTool) gives you the ability to check the production inventory that is closest to the operator. When the volume diminishes to a set limit, the application directly submits a refill order to the administrative system. The application also provides you with an overview of how much material each inventory has that is either free or reserved, as well as which work orders are in production but have not yet passed the inventory.